Monday, October 11, 2010

Assisted Living in Pennsylvania will change in January

Pennsylvania care facilities that are now calling themselves "Assisted Living" will have to apply for the new License for the privilege of using that name.  The change will take place around the middle of January, 2011, and will require facilities that are granted ALF status to abide by a new set of regulatory protocols, supervised by the relatively new "PA Office of Long Term Living". Otherwise, they will continue to be regulated by the "Personal Care" regulations as they are now (presently regulated by the PA Department of Public Welfare). 

The ALF regulations are more stringent than those presently required for Personal Care, but not as involved as those the PA Department of Health uses to license and regulate skilled nursing facilities.  Facilities that are granted the ALF license will also soon have a "subsidy" from the Medical Assistance program in PA for those residents who run out of money.  More information can be obtained by contacting my office at 610-275-0700 and ask for Jacqui.